TOPCon Technology Innovation
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The key technology determines the maximum efficiency

Why Tiger N?

30 Year Linear Power Warranty


Highest efficiency


Low yearly degradation


Best bifaciality

-0.29 %/°C

Lowest temperature coefficient

More Power Productivity per Watt

Higher power, bifaciality, efficient production under extreme conditions, combined with the lower degradation, no LID and LeTID effects and a glass-glass structure of Jinkosolar’s N-type Tiger Neo allows you to generate significantly more power per watt (kWh/kW) over 30 years of use compared to PERC panels.

Longer Generation Time of Tiger Neo

Jinkosolar’s N-type TOPCon Tiger Neo panels demonstrate better power generation characteristics than conventional P-type modules under low light condition. Therefore, the effective power generation time of Tiger Neo is 11.07% more than that of conventional solar modules.

Highest Average Module Efficiency of Jinkosolar’s N-type TOPCon Panel: >22%

Jinkoolar N-type TOPCon Tiger Neo panels have the best efficiency in serial production, scoping between 22%-23.23%. N-type Tiger Neo module has the best generation performance and reliable characteristic resistance for common fail from all over solar technology.

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