Redx Solar Battery

World Leader in Innovative Power Conversion & Storage Technologies



10 – 15 kWh
96% Round Trip Efficiency


3000W/2500W Continuous
Seamless Back Up
AC Coupled


APP/Web Software
Electrician Less Installation
Australian Designed and Engineered

Seamless Cloud Energy Flow Management
Energy cost saving through smart algorithm

Energy flow charts help you know where your energy productions and consumptions come and go minute by minute in real-time. Besides traditional electric energy from the power grid, you are now able to manage your renewable energy productions from solar or wind in one software package.

Energy Management For All

Total control of your energy assets

Redx™ cloud-based software solutions enable users to monitor and control their installed solar, wind and energy storage devices. For retail companies and installers, our web software provides detailed plant information for fleet management.

For end-customers, our Apps on smartphones and tablets offer real-time monitoring on hardware operations. In addition, we provide an application programming interface for system integrators to access and manage our energy storage products in virtual power plants and other applications.

RedX Battery Data Sheet